Cosmic Light: Through the Higher Mind

Services Provided: Copy editing, Proofreading, Typesetting & Publishing assistance


Promo Power Supremacy by Mo Yusuff

Services provided: Copy editing & Proofreading


The Shed: A Collection by Ruth Livingstone

Services provided: Proofreading


How to Get Video Right by Simon Banks

Services provided: Copy editing & Proofreading

Layout 1

Grow Your Salon Fast by Kat Smith

Services provided: Copy editing & Proofreading

racing in the blood cover only-1

Racing in the Blood by Max M. Power

Services provided: Copy editing and Proofreading

Hidden Depths by Neil Roden

Hidden Depths by Neil Roden

Service provided: Proofreading

Saying No by Rachel May

Saying ‘No!’ by Rachel May

Services provided: Copy editing & Proofreading

Dark Coven by Nick Brown

Dark Coven by Nick Brown

Services provided: Copy editing & Proofreading

how to grow your own business and get it right

How to Get it Right and Grow Your Business With Confidence by David Taylor

Services provided: Copy editing & Proofreading

Layout 1

Grow Your Dental Lab Fast by Michelle Knight

Services provided: Copy editing & Proofreading

Awarded by angels

Awarded By Angels by Angel Alison Ward

Services provided: Copy editing & Proofreading

take control

Take Control by Leanne Pero

Services provided: Copy editing & Proofreading

following evan

Following Evan by Elida May

Services Provided: Structural editing, Copy editing, Proofreading, Cover design, Typesetting, Publishing assistance & PR & Marketing


The Dirty Rascal by P Symonloe

Services provided: Structural & Copy editing

Antony Stagg

If I Can Do It, You Can Too! by Antony Stagg

Services provided: Copy editing & Proofreading

Louise Presley-Turner

Mindset Mastery by Louise Presley-Turner

Services provided: Copy editing & Proofreading

Den Lennie

Business for Filmmakers By Den Lennie

Service provided: Copy editing

Tony Anderson

easyLand by Tony Anderson

Service provided: Copy editing

the pure

The Pure by Denise Spreag

Services provided: Copy editing, Proofreading & Cover design

Ruth Livingstone

Soggy Socks by Ruth Livingstone

Service provided: Proofreading

Tony Wilson

101 Naked Confessions of a Gay Hairdresser by Terry Wilson

Services provided:  Copy editing & Proofreading

Angel Alison Ward

Bringing You Back To YOU! by Angel Alison Ward

Services provided: Copy editing & Proofreading

Anne Purchase-Walker

Walking With Cats by Anne Purchase-Walker

Services provided: Copy editing & Proofreading

Just Do It And FInish

Just Do It And Finish by Ali Patell

Services provided:  Copy editing, Proofreading, Cover design, Typesetting & Printing

Helen Courtney

The Silent Sufferer by Helen Courtney

Services provided: Copy editing & Proofreading

Flood Defence

Flood Defence by Kevin Williams

Service provided: Proofreading

Scott Alan Lewis

Snapdragon by Scott Alan Lewis

Service provided: Proofreading

The Soldier Who Elected a Government

Jimmy Wilds by Douglas Forrest

Services provided: Copy editing & Proofreading


Warrior Women by Liz Keaney

Services provided:  Copy editing & Proofreading

Services Provided

  • Proofreading
  • Copy editing
  • Structural editing
  • Marketing & PR
  • Typesetting & layout
  • Printing
  • ebook conversion
  • Cover design
  • ISBN number

Self-publishing? Perfect your prose with the help of an experienced freelance editor

The boom in ebook publishing means that the days of sending your manuscript to a literary agent and waiting weeks to hear whether it has made it through the slush pile are long gone.

Today, more and more writers are opting to go down the self-publishing route, giving them greater control over their work and immediate access to millions of potential readers via platforms such as Amazon’s CreateSpace. No longer viewed as a vanity exercise, indie publishing is now an accepted, and often lucrative, arm of the book industry. Although this gives authors immense creative freedom, one obvious pitfall is that they don’t benefit from the editing support of those with the backing of a publishing house.

Danielle Wrate, Freelance Editor

This is where I come in, offering a range of low cost, professional editing services tailored to meet individual needs. In addition, since starting the business and getting a feel for clients’ needs, I’ve expanded the services I offer and added to my team. If required, I can oversee everything else involved in the publishing of your book, from the cover design and interior artwork, right through to uploading it onto a publishing platform. And, unlike many of the large self-publishing companies currently operating, you’ll have one point of contact throughout the process – and that’s me. I’m not some anonymous person armed with a red pen. For me, the author/editor relationship is much more collaborative, and when your book is published I will be cheering from the sidelines and following its progress keenly. I like nothing more than looking up the books I’ve edited on Amazon and seeing how the reviews have grown.

Why employ a proofreader, copy editor or structural editor?

Whether you are aiming for your novel, novella or non-fiction book to be a bestseller, promote your business, or are self-publishing to provide a lasting memento for friends and family, it is important to send your paperback, hardback or ebook into the world in the best possible shape. You may well have a great story to tell, but if your book is littered with typos, grammatical errors, poorly constructed sentences and inconsistencies, your story will fall flat and your readers will lose interest.

Attempting to edit your book yourself, running it through a computer spell check, or giving it to a friend or family member to read through is no substitute for the assistance of a professional freelance editor. See my Services page for an outline of the different services I offer, and decide which one will suit you best. Alternatively, I can provide you with a free Sample Edit and consultation and suggest how we can work together to hone your manuscript to perfection.

I also work with a talented team of industry professionals – see my About Us page – who can assist you with all the other essential aspects of self-publishing a book, including cover design and typesetting. I understand that authors’ requirements differ as much as their writing styles and subject matters, but no matter what type of extra help you require, I will manage the project on your behalf, saving you the headache of having to deal with multiple organisations and people. Call or email to find out more. I’ll be happy to collate a quote for you.

Free help with publicity

I have a background in national journalism and also work as a freelance editor and writer. My years spent working to tight deadlines and word counts means that I have an excellent eye for detail and know how to make every sentence matter. I also have contacts with major national newspapers and magazines and would be happy to share my knowledge of the media industry (with no extra charge) to help you publicise your book and attract more readers. If you want to scale up your marketing, I can put you in touch with the right PR to help you. See my page on Marketing and PR to find out more. Let me help you garner the glowing reviews that your book deserves. After all, self-publishing shouldn’t mean that you have to go it alone…

I’d love to hear from you by phone or email…