mounira assoul

‘Working with Danielle was a great experience’ – Mounira Assoul Testimonial

The book I published with Danielle was a world away from my original manuscript and so much more professional, in both content and design. I would encourage all writers to find a good editor as they really know what they are doing. It helps if they also know everything there is to know about self-publishing a book, too. Working with Danielle was a great experience and I’m glad I chose her.

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geraldine ryan

‘My publishing experience was so positive I decided to bring out another book’ – Geraldine Ryan Testimonial

Danielle and I connected through the Alliance of Independent Authors… I needed someone who could walk me through the publishing process, as I am wary of technology and had no idea how to set about getting an ISBN or how to sell on Amazon. Danielle held my hand throughout and was always available to answer my many questions. Rachel, the illustrator, got my idea for the cover immediately, and I absolutely loved what she created.

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sue reid

‘Everything was streamlined and easy to follow’ – Sue Reid Testimonial

The most important quality I wanted in a self-publishing company was trustworthiness… My intuition guided me to select a publishing package with Wrate’s Editing Services, and I couldn’t have been happier with the result. Danielle explained step-by-step what the process would involve, and everything was streamlined and easy to follow… Since my book came out, I’ve received some excellent reviews and feedback.

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michael williams

‘I wanted a quality product that emulated a commercial book’ – Michael Williams Testimonial

I picked Wrate’s Editing Services because Danielle understood exactly what I was looking for, which was a quality product that emulated a commercial book… Some self-published books can look amateurish, but my memoir is clearly a professionally polished product. I was satisfied with the process from start to finish and will be pointing other writers in the direction of Danielle and her team.

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