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Proofreading Copy editingPrice:

From £13.15 per 1000 words.

This is my most popular service and it’s for authors who have finished their manuscript but would like it to undergo a professional polish. I will go through your manuscript line by line and make improvements to sentence structure and copy flow. I’ll also check for inconsistencies and repetition (authors will often use the same word several times in a paragraph without noticing), and perform basic fact checking. Please bear in mind that this is a first round edit, so although I will correct grammar and spelling errors as I go, the main point of the copy edit is to look at sentence structure and flow, so typos will often slip through the net. In addition, once the copy edit has been completed, the manuscript will be sent back to the author for additional work. It is therefore highly recommended that you use this service in conjunction with at least one proofread.


Special offerA note on how I work

Most authors are happy for me to make the small changes (such as selecting a different word in a sentence to avoid repetition) as I go, without marking them up for their attention. If I have a question or want them to approve a big change (for instance, a sentence that has been rewritten) I put it in bold so that they can easily see it when they review the changes. I put questions in bold and place them in brackets so that they are easy to spot, too. However, I can use track changes for the copy edit if you would prefer to see every change that I make. Below is an example from a manuscript that I recently copy edited for Rachel May, whose self-help book Saying ‘No!’ is in the process of being published. I have placed my copy edited paragraphs below Rachel’s original text to show the changes I made, which are all marked up in bold to help you see what I’ve done. You can click on the link underneath to download the full example. Get in touch for a similar free sample edit of your manuscript.

sayingnoHere is what Rachel said about the service I provided:

“I was very nervous about having my work professionally edited, especially as this is my first book and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Working with Danielle was very straightforward throughout, with the process very clearly explained.  The suggestions Danielle made were spot on and made total sense, and I was amazed at how quickly she was able to give feedback.  I’ll definitely use Danielle for my next book.”

Copy editing example – Click to download as a PDF