Cover Design

how to grow your own business and get it rightYour cover is the doorway to your book, and it’s what is going to welcome your reader inside, so it’s imperative to have one that really stands out. For just £149*, I can help you create a bespoke cover to complement your novel or non-fiction book.

The price includes:

  • An initial phone consultation specifically to discuss any thoughts or ideas you may have about your cover.
  • Three ideas from your cover designer (Ali or Alexa, see my About Us page to find out more about them) to choose from.
  • The design of matching Facebook and Twitter banners (so you can promote your book on social media).
  • A high-resolution final image, which will be tweaked to perfection.

* Please note that a small extra fee will apply if the designer uses a stock image. Extra charges may apply if you require more ideas from the designer (other than their initial three) or further tweaks after the image has been signed off.

Here are some recent covers that my designers have worked on.

Cover designs