Why employ the services of a book editor?

Whether you are aiming for your novel, novella or non-fiction book to be a bestseller, promote your business or are self-publishing to provide a lasting memento for friends and family, it is important to send your paperback, hardback or eBook out into the world in the best possible shape. You may well have a great story to tell, but if your book is littered with typos, grammatical errors, poorly constructed sentences and inconsistencies, your story will fall flat and your readers will lose interest.

Attempting to edit your book yourself, running it through a computer spell check or giving it to a friend or family member to read through is no substitute for the assistance of a professional book editor. I can provide you with a Structural Edit, Copy Edit or Proofread, or a combination of these services. One of my most popular packages is a copy edit followed by a proofread, which includes an additional ‘peace of mind’ proof by another editor. If you want to see how I can transform your text, please get in touch for a free Sample Edit and quote. Alternatively, call or email me for a chat about how we can work together to hone your manuscript to perfection.


Proofreading involves checking a manuscript for grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and typos, and it’s usually performed once a manuscript has been Copy Edited.

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Copy Editing

This is my most popular service and it’s for authors who have finished their manuscript but would like it to undergo a professional polish.

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Structural Editing

My structural editing service is perfect for authors who have finished their novel or non-fiction book but are aware that it needs further work and want some professional, unbiased feedback prior to Copy Editing.

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