Elaine Evans, author of 10 Meals to Support Independence

I decided to publish a recipe book for people with learning difficulties and their carers. My adult son, Simon, struggles with reading, writing and processing information and I wanted to encourage him to cook healthy meals and vary his diet. I designed my recipes so that even if the care worker is lacking cooking skills themselves, they can still help Simon produce a decent meal. After deciding to go down the self-publishing route, I looked online to see what to do and came to the conclusion that the book needed a professional vision.

Wrate’s Editing Services was recommended to me, and when I first spoke to Danielle I had already started compiling recipes and taking photos of the meals. Danielle made some excellent suggestions regarding how to present the images, which I took on board, and they greatly improved the final layout. The professionalism of the service exceeded my expectations and I was delighted with how the book was edited and laid out. I love the cover too.

As well as publishing on Amazon as a Kindle and Print on Demand paperback, Danielle has helped me get 50 spiral bound copies printed, which will be stocked in a café in Woking.