Marian Ryan, author of Cosmic Light: Through the Higher Mind

I work as an intuitive healer, therapist and spiritual teacher and I decided to write a book in order to detail my healing techniques. I wanted it to act as a follow up for clients, so they could practice the techniques outside of our sessions. I knew I needed help with the editing, but I also decided to outsource the publishing side. My daughter has published her own book and although she did everything herself, she found the task stressful, time-consuming and very technical.

It was lovely working with Danielle, as anything that arose during the process was handled efficiently so that I didn’t need to be involved. Danielle took care of all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff and I was very happy with the results. On the editing side, through very subtle changes to the text, Danielle managed to bring expression to my words in a very eloquent manner. Her copy editing skills also helped create a continuous flow throughout the book, whilst maintaining my personal style of writing.

Danielle’s approach was very respectful of my subject matter. Her guidance and advice were very relevant and were communicated clearly and in a friendly yet professional manner. All my requirements were met and the work was completed to a very high standard within the agreed timescales. Since publishing my book, I’ve had some fantastic feedback – five out of five stars on Amazon. People have commented on how well the book has been laid out and they have found the text concise and informative. I’m currently working on my second book and I will definitely be working with Danielle when the time comes to publish it.