‘Working with Danielle was a great experience’ – Mounira Assoul Testimonial

‘Working with Danielle was a great experience’

Mounira Assoul, author of The Inflowfit Method

I turned to Danielle for help after completing my debut health and fitness book and deciding to go down the self-publishing route. I work as a fitness instructor and my aim was to share my years of experience in the field and offer people an alternative to the current model of eating less and working out more, which I see as flawed. I encourage my clients to take a more holistic approach that considers their entire lifestyle, including how much sleep they get and their stress levels. My intention was to publish it as an eBook only, but Danielle explained about print-on-demand and how easy it would be to bring out a paperback version. She also advised me to change the title, as the one I had chosen had already been used. I didn’t want people to confuse my book with the one that was already out there.

However, the guidance I appreciated the most was to do with the structure of my book. I was combining many themes and presenting complex scientific information. Danielle pushed me to break the latter down to make it more digestible for the reader and highlighted the sections I needed to expand upon and, conversely, the parts that needed cutting down. The book I published was a world away from my original manuscript and so much more professional, in both content and design. I would encourage all writers to find a good editor as they really know what they are doing. It helps if they also know everything there is to know about self-publishing a book, too. Working with Danielle was a great experience and I’m glad I chose her.

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