Publishing Stories

Emikat Jun, author of Behind The Mask

Since making contact with Danielle Wrate, I have never looked back. She basically held my hand as we journeyed together from the beginning to the end.

Marian Ryan, author of Cosmic Light: Through the Higher Mind

It was lovely working with Danielle, as anything that arose during the process was handled efficiently, so that I didn’t need to be involved. Danielle took care of all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff and I was very happy with the results.

Elaine Evans, author of 10 Meals to Support Independence

I decided to publish a recipe book for people with learning difficulties and their carers. My adult son, Simon, struggles with reading, writing and processing information and I wanted to encourage him to cook healthy meals and vary his diet. I designed my recipes so...

Daryn Dodge, author of The Road to Hell via the A194

My book began as a humorous talk, in which I recounted how I went from fat to fit after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. After coming to terms with the fact I was a UFO (Unfit, Fat and Old), I signed up for the Great North Run, which, if I’m honest, was mainly to...

Jean-Paul Noel-Cephise, author of 7 Deadly Dates

I’d always wanted to write a book, but I didn’t have the confidence to do it until my experiences with internet dating compelled me to tell my story. The initial feedback from Danielle after she had done the structural edit, and her enthusiasm for my work, made me realise that this was something I could […]