‘Everything was streamlined and easy to follow’ – Sue Reid Testimonial

‘Everything was streamlined and easy to follow’

Sue Reid, author of Building Confidence: How to Thrive as a Shy Person

Following my retirement from the banking industry, I retrained as a life coach and specialise in helping people build their confidence and develop emotional resilience. I have always wanted to write a book to share my own confidence journey and the actions I took to improve my self-esteem. Additionally, I thought a book would complement my podcast, which is also called Building Confidence. As part of my research, I read about how to get your book published, and it seemed to me that the traditional route was only viable if you are famous or have many books to your name already. While I preferred the idea of self-publishing, I decided I didn’t want to spend all my time learning how to do it. I joined the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) and set about looking for a reputable self-publishing company to help me. The most important quality was trust. I needed to believe that the person I chose was going to do what they said they were going to do, especially as I didn’t understand every aspect of the process. My intuition guided me to select a publishing package with Wrate’s Editing Services, and I couldn’t have been happier with the result. Danielle explained step-by-step what the process would involve, and everything was streamlined and easy to follow, with all the suggested editorial changes marked up in capitals. Danielle also suggested a concept for the cover, which would show a couple of builders working on the book title. The illustrator, Rachel, interpreted the idea brilliantly and created a beautiful cover in green, which is one of my brand colours. Since my book came out, I’ve received some excellent reviews and feedback and I have continued writing for the online market. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Danielle to other authors.

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