Special OfferPrices:

Initial proof: from £8.15 per 1000 words.

Second ‘peace of mind’ proof: £3.50 per 1000 words.

Proofreading involves checking a manuscript for grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and typos, and it’s usually performed once a manuscript has been Copy Edited. The proofread is about the nitty-gritty or the bare bones of the sentence – the use of capitals, dashes, commas, apostrophes, exclamation marks and full stops and whether, for instance, it should be practice or practise, lie or lay, affect or effect, and so on. I can’t know everything, so I always work with a dictionary and my trusted copy of the Guardian Style guide close to hand.

book-offer-3D-blueUnfortunately, no editor can guarantee that a manuscript will be returned to the author free of mistakes (as much as I’d like to). Traditionally published books are edited numerous times and small mistakes can still crop up in the final print. I also provide a ‘peace of mind’ proof, in which your manuscript will be handed to another editor for a further careful read through. I believe that this is the best way to get a book into the best shape for publication, which is why I’m offering a free ‘peace of mind’ proof for anyone who books a copy editing service plus a proofread. Get in touch for more details.

A note on how I work

Some authors are happy for me to input the changes as I go, while others wish to see and approve every alteration. For the latter, I use Word’s track changes. Below is an example of a manuscript which I proofread using track changes for the author Nick Brown. His novel Dark Coven has since been published and is available to buy from Amazon.

dark-coven01Here is what Nick said about the service I provided:

For my fifth, and future books, I’ve been fortunate enough to secure the services of Danielle Wrate. Her efficient, helpful and forensic skills helped remove the stress from publication. In addition, her interest in the books enabled her to suggest many helpful changes. It is great to have someone to trust my books with, and I can recommend Danielle without hesitation.”

Edit example 1

Edit example 1

The Dark Coven EDIT example.