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Obidos – A Book Lover’s Utopia

For bookish folk, an image of utopia isn’t hard to conjure up, as it no doubt involves a comfy place to sit and endless shelves stuffed full of novels, memoirs and every other genre under the sun. Perhaps even a trip to the grocers would involve a browse through some...

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Banned Books

Many years ago, when I was in my teens, I had a vivid dream in which I walked into a library and discovered that all the books had age ratings slapped on them, like films. I’ve never forgotten it, or how much it used to amaze me that certain films were out of...

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Language Pet Peeves

My latest blog post on language pet peeves was inspired by a recent rant by Today presenter John Humphrys. In a rail against Melvyn Bragg using present tense when talking about the past, Humphrys got on to the subject of the words he hates. He admitted that the word...

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Author A. Bello: writing children’s books

A. Bello describes how she went from being a 12-year-old comic fan with a cracking idea for a children’s book to becoming a successful self-published author. When I was a kid, the female characters in children’s books often had to wait patiently for Prince...

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Commuting spawns a self-published bestseller!

Indie author Andy Leeks’s commuting hell changed his family’s fortunes. Working from home has its disadvantages, but a big plus factor for me is that my daily commute from my kitchen or living room to the office takes all of three seconds. I’ve left...

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Typesetting: A guide for self-publishers

Let’s face it, no one purchases a book on the basis of its beautiful typesetting, but well-presented pages will enhance the reader’s experience without them even noticing. It’s a bit like viewing a famous painting in an art gallery; we are not meant...

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Writing for a Good Cause

There’s no doubt that our life experiences influence what we end up writing about, but sometimes it can be years before we notice the connection. I was reminded of a past endeavour that may have unwittingly pointed me in the direction of certain editorial...

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